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AMPROBE TIC 300 PRO High Voltage Detector

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MSHA certified and intrinsically safe, the Amprobe TIC 300 PRO High Voltage Detector with VolTect™ alert is a rugged, reliable, non-contact, high voltage tester for utility, industrial, and mine safety applications up to 122kV. Select low or high voltage levels to verify the presence of voltage without contacting the energized conductor. When this high voltage electricity tester is moved within close proximity of an energized line, the intuitive VolTect™ alert warns users with bright flashing lights and loud beeps. All functionality is available through push buttons designed for easy use with PPE gloves. A universal adapter Hot Stick TIC 410A is available for voltage higher than 1500 VAC.

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Item_number: AMTIC 300 PRO Categories: , ,


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AMPROBE TIC 300 PRO High Voltage Detector

  • Verifies presence of voltage from 30 VAC to 122,000 VAC (122 kV) without contacting the conductor
  • Simple two-level electricity tester provides:
    • High voltage (1,500 V to 122 kV AC) setting to check transmission lines, power distribution equipment, down power lines, and load break connectors
    • Low voltage (30 to 1,500 V AC) setting to check for voltage in breaker panels, breakers, power outlets, fuses, and wiring
  • VolTect™ alert warns that voltage is present with bright flashing lights and loud beeps
  • Push-button self-test verifies that tester is working properly
  • Ergonomic design includes a convenient handle and a universal adapter for use with TIC 410A Hot Stick attachment to extend reach
  • Drop-proof to 6 feet (1.8 m)

Data Sheet


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 3 × 1.8 in
Operating Voltage

LOW Range: 30 to 1500 VAC
HIGH Range: 1500 VAC to 122 kV AC
*Use only with Amprobe optional accessory hot stick and proper safety equipment for voltages up to 122 kV AC

Operating Temperature

32 °F to 125 °F; < 90% RH

Storage Temperature

32 °F to 125 °F; battery removed


< 2000 m, outdoor operation


9 V alkaline battery

Power Consumption

OFF: 340uA
Low / High Detection mode: 39 mA

Duty Cycle


Response Time


Frequency Response

50/60 Hz


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