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Our Services

Fractional CIO

With the help of a fractional CIO, you can be the first in your field to adopt new technologies or IT strategies that give you a competitive edge over larger companies in your field.

Industry assessments

We review your security and acceptable use policies and provide updates and additional content if needed. This includes security, asset management, and backup.

Managed IT Services

Optimize the performance of your business through technology. We detect issues before they become a problem. All updates are scheduled and performed outside of valuable productive hours. Your data is safe with backups and redundant storage.


MCR’s Founder, Miguel Jimenez, has always had a strong passion for two things: Technology & Business. After 20 years in the IT industry, he launched MCR Business Intelligence. His goal was to collaborate with other great business minds and to integrate cutting-edge technology into their everyday operations to accelerate their growth and success. In 2021, MCR joined Tallman Equipment group which has allowed them to expand their services and products, as well as to offer them to new territories and industries.

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