Rubber Goods

Testing & Cleaning

Tallman Equipment has expanded our services with the development of our new rubber goods testing laboratory at our Columbus, Indiana Headquarters.

Tallman is now offering rubber goods testing and cleaning of linemen’s rubber gloves, blankets, sleeves, hoods, line hose, and hardcover. All testing and procedures conform to ASTM standards and involve thorough washing, visual inspection, dielectric testing, and date stamping.

Tallman can take care of a multitude of customer needs, fulfilling our mission to become an exclusive full-service company built on trust.

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Certified High Voltage Testing

OSHA required test intervals:

Rubber Insulating Gloves – Every 6 months

Rubber Insulating Blankets – Every 12 Months

Rubber Insulating Sleeves – Every 12 Months


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Class 2 Sleeves

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Novax Class 2 Gloves


Novax Class 4 Slotted Blanket

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Salisbury Class 2 Blankets

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DDIN Sleeve Straps