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Grounds & Jumpers

Manufacturing, Repair & Refurbishment

Our Groundset and Jumperset Manufacturing & Refurbishment Process

Tallman Equipment has a full-service assembly department skilled in building and repairing custom grounds and jumpers. 

We can build customized grounds and jumpers to your specifications as quickly as a day.  Rest assured that our testing process meets ASTM standards for both new builds and reconditioned assemblies. 

Our comprehensive refurbishing process brings old grounds and jumpers back to nearly new, complete with testing and recertification for best practice compliance.


When a groundset or jumperset enters our facility, it is tagged with the customer's information.

Visual Inspection

At this step in the process, the jumper or ground set is completely disassembled and the cable is cleaned and visually inspected for any breaks in the jacket or cable.

Ground Cable TESTING

A preliminary resistance test is performed using our Grounds Tester. If the cable fails this initial test, the cable is rejected and taken out of service.

Jumper Cable Testing

After visual inspection, an insulation test is performed in our insulation tester.

Component Inspection & Refurbishing

Each component is fully disassembled for inspection & thorough cleaning.

Repair & Reassembly

After any needed small repairs are made the set is reassembled and ferrules reattached.

Testing, Recording & Labeling

Once reassembled the set is re-tested, serialized, and labeled. MTDS are available upon request.

Scrap Materials

All scrap materials labeled accordingly and returned to the owner or as otherwise directed.

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