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Triplex Dispenser

RoboReel™ Triplex Dispenser Reel – Designed for linemen to provide an easy and safe means to unwind and rewind cumbersome wire and cable. Extremely rugged, all-weather heavy-duty reel. Made of steel and coated with black industrial PPG Durethane® to ensure long life, the RoboReel™Triplex has adjustable arms that allow for a quick, easy, and secure means to load, unwind and rewind various coil sizes and diameters. Coils can be simply rolled into the stand and clamped into place with the adjustable arms. Wire is easily pulled or rewound through a “smooth” guide.

Wire Dispenser Support Base Plate can be found here. Great accessory for your Guy Wire or Triplex RoboReel™! You can securely and easily mount or remove your reel. Simply slide your RoboReel™ into the RoboReel™Base Plate and a spring-loaded latching system will provide a secure means to hold your reel for all transportation needs. Ideal accessory for those who want a quick means to remove or remount your RoboReels™. Coated with black industrial PPG Durethane® to ensure long life.

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RoboReel Triplex Dispenser

  • Eight Adjustable Arms
  • Accepts Coils with OD 26"-32" and ID 14"-20"
  • Coils can be up to 10-1/4" wide

Additional information

Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 34.5 × 14 × 33.5 in

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