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STOCKade ST315i Cordless Utility Stapler

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The ST315i cordless utility staple gun drives 10½ gauge, 1.5” barbed staples reliably and consistently, making utility stapling faster and easier. Reducing the impact that occurs from repetitive manual hammering and fastening the ST315i helps mitigate risk or injury to people in the process.​

The ST315i cordless utility stapler gun driver blade is engineered to support the staple and reduce damage to the staple crown, and adjustable depth of drive provides ultimate flexibility to drive staples to your desired depth. ​​

The sequential trigger system provides an accurate staple placement and improved operator safety so you can work with speed and confidence.

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Item_number: PAST315i Categories: , , , ,


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STOCKade ST315i Cordless Utility Stapler

Portable – no need for compressors or airlines
Efficient – fast, high output design drives up to 2 staples per second
Lightweight design for comfort during periods of high use
Top Load Magazine for fast reloading to minimize down-time
V-Notch Guide ensures correct staple placement and improved holding power

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 18 × 6 in
Product Dimensions

4.33" x 15.59" x 14.88"

Tool Weight

8.37 lbs

Cycle Rate Per Second

2 stapes/sec

Magazine Capacity (Short)

75 staples (approx 3 strips)

Battery Capacity (Maximum)

Up to 3,000 staples per charge

Fuel Cell Capacity

Up to 1,000 staples per cell

Staple Range Length

1 1/4" and 1 1/2"

Staple Diameter

10 1/2 ga

Staple Type

Divergent point (hot dipped galvanised)


6 Volt DC

Battery Recharge

2 hours

Fuel Cell

STOCKade Impulse Fuel Cell


Liquid Hydrocarbon

Fuel Cell & Battery Storage Temperature

5°F to 120.2°F (-15°C to 49°C)

Rated Input Voltage Battery Charger Base

12 Volts DC 800mA

Rated Output Voltage Battery Charger Base

6 Volts DC 700mA

Rated Input Voltage Power Adaptor / Transformer

220 Volt AC 50Hz

Rated Output Voltage Power Adaptor / Transformer

12 Volt DC 800mA




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