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STOCKade ST315i Cordless Utility Stapler

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The STOCKade Cordless ST315i stapler can make it safer and faster than using a hammer and is the ideal tool for stapling. It is compatible with 10½ ga (3.15mm) diameter 1¼” (33mm) and 1½” (40mm) long staples.

With impulse technology the ST315i is portable and there’s no need for compressors or airlines making this batten stapler the ideal tool for hose-free work in remote situations. An adjustable depth of drive allows for greater flexibility for staple placement, provides a superior finish, and also prevents damage to the wire.

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Item_number: PAST315i Categories: , , ,


STOCKade ST315i Cordless Utility Stapler


  • Fast, high output design drives up to 2 staples per second
  • Lightweight design for comfort during periods of high use
  • Ideal for rural wire and batten fencing applications
  • Quick clear nose means less downtime if fastener jams occur
  • Top Load Magazine for fast reloading to minimize down-time
  • Rail protection bars
  • Sequential Trigger System for superior operator safety
  • V-Notch Guide ensures correct staple placement and improved holding power

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 8 in
Product Dimensions

4.33" x 15.59" x 14.88"

Tool Weight

14.55 lbs

Cycle Rate Per Second

2 stapes/sec

Magazine Capacity (Short)

80 staples (approx 3 strips)

Battery Capacity (Maximum)

Up to 3,000 staples per charge

Fuel Cell Capacity

Up to 1,000 staples per cell

Staple Range Length

1 1/4" and 1 1/2"

Staple Diameter

10 1/2 ga

Staple Type

Divergent point (hot dipped galvanised)


6 Volt DC

Battery Recharge

2 hours

Fuel Cell

STOCKade Impulse Fuel Cell


Liquid Hydrocarbon

Fuel Cell & Battery Storage Temperature

5°F to 120.2°F (-15°C to 49°C)

Rated Input Voltage Battery Charger Base

12 Volts DC 800mA

Rated Output Voltage Battery Charger Base

6 Volts DC 700mA

Rated Input Voltage Power Adaptor / Transformer

220 Volt AC 50Hz

Rated Output Voltage Power Adaptor / Transformer

12 Volt DC 800mA

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