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Loadbuster® – Load Break Tool

For use with disconnects, cutouts, power fuses, and fuse limiters, a portable load break tool that provides a better way of switching on your distribution system.

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The Loadbuster tool is the original lightweight, easy-to-use portable load break tool for use with disconnects, cutouts, power fuses, and fuse limiters. It brings load-switching capability through 34.5 kV and 600 amperes nominal, 900 amperes maximum to your overhead distribution system. The Loadbuster tool cuts installation and operation costs. There’s no need for load interrupters on each device. Switching procedures are simplified too . . . minimizing the duration and scope of outages. This rugged, reliable device interrupts with no external arc, meeting OSHA requirements for opening circuits under load.

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Loadbuster Features:

Lineman-proven since 1956 . . . the ultimate in portable live switching

  • Available in two system-matched models
    • 14.4/25 kV nominal, 27 kV maximum
    • 25/34.5 kV nominal, 38 kV maximum
  • Interrupts with no external arc. Meets OSHA requirements for opening circuits under load
  • Handles all live-switching duties — transformers, lines, cables, and capacitors . . . through 38 kV, 900 A
  • Rugged, reliable. Loadbuster’s robust, low-maintenance design stands up to the most demanding use . . . up to 2000 operations between inspections
  • Operation counter feature tracks tool use helps determine maintenance needs
  • Cuts installation and operation costs. No need for interrupters on each device . . . simplified switching procedures minimize the duration and scope of outages

Resources / Instructions:

Spec Sheet


Instruction Sheets

Loadbuster— Outdoor Distribution (14.4 kV through 34.5 kV)

Inspection, and Maintenance

Instructional Video


Additional information

Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 8 × 7.5 in


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