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KLEIN TOOLS Slim-Jaw Adjustable Wrench, 4-Inch

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Manufactured for strength and durability, this small 4-Inch wrench features 40-Percent slimmer jaws (than standard adjustable) and meets ASME 107.100-2010 standards. Excellent for working in tight spaces and wrench over wrench applications.

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Item_number: KTD86932 Categories: , , ,


KLEIN TOOLS Slim-Jaw Adjustable Wrench, 4-Inch

  • 40-Percent slimmer jaws
  • Designed for tight wrench-over-wrench applications such as gas lines
  • Jaws meet ASME 107.100-2010 testing standards for adjustable wrenches while being 40-percent slimmer than most standard wrench jaws
  • Extra-wide jaw
  • Unique design minimizes protruding jaw shank for greater capacity and range of motion in confined areas
  • Standard and metric size markings for fast adjustment
  • Manufactured for strength and durability


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 4.463 × 1.234 × .25 in

Extra Slim Adjustable Wrench


Tight Wrench-Over-Wrench Applications

Special Features

40% Slimmer Jaws

Jaw Capacity


Handle Color


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