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HIOKI DT4255 Digital Multimeter

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The Hioki DT4200 Digital Multimeter Series deliver a super fast response rate and safety features that take electrical testing to a higher level. The DT4255 is a digital multimeter designed for maximum safety with voltage measurement terminals that are protected by a fuse.

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Item_number: HUDT4255 Categories: , , ,


HIOKI DT4255 Digital Multimeter


• Maximum safety in the field by absolutely preventing short-circuit accidents with fused measurement terminals and current-limiting resistor
• ±0.3% DC V basic accuracy, wide 40 Hz to 1 kHz AC V frequency characteristics
• Low-pass filter (100 Hz/ 500 Hz) cuts high harmonics (when measuring inverter fundamental waveforms)
• Connect to PC with USB communication function (optional)
• Broad -25°C (-13°F) to 65°C (149°F) operating temperature range
CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V




Additional information

Weight .86 lbs
Dimensions 2.05 × 3.31 × 6.85 in
DC Voltage

600.0 mV to 1000 V
5 ranges, Basic accuracy: ±0.3 % rdg. ±3 dgt.

AC Voltage

6.000 V to 1000 V, 4 ranges, Frequency characteristics: 40 Hz to 1 kHz
Basic accuracy 40 – 500 Hz : ±0.9 % rdg. ±3 dgt. (True RMS, crest factor 3)




600.0 Ω to 60.00 MΩ, 6 ranges, Basic accuracy: ±0.7 % rdg. ±3 dgt.

AC Current (use with Clamp on probes)

10.00 A to 1000 A, 7 ranges, Add the Clamp on probe accuracy to basic accuracy 40 – 1 kHz : ±0.9 % rdg. ±3 dgt. (True RMS, crest factor 3)

Voltage Detection

Hi: AC40 V to 600 V, Lo: AC80 V to 600 V

C (capacitance)

1.000 μF to 10.00 mF, 5 ranges, Basic accuracy: ±1.9 % rdg. ±5 dgt.


99.99 Hz to 99.99 kHz, 4 ranges (limited by the minimum detectable voltage),
Basic accuracy: ±0.1 % rdg. ±1 dgt.

Continuity Check

Continuity threshold [ON]: 25 Ω or less,
[OFF]: 245 Ω or more,
Response time: 0.5 ms or more

Diode Test

Open terminal voltage: 5.0 V or less, Testing current 0.5 mA or less,
Threshold of forward voltage: 0.15 V to 1.5 V

Other Functions

Filter function, Display value hold, Auto hold, Max/Min/Average value display, Relative display, Auto-power save, USB communication (option)


Main and Sub displays: 4-digits LCD, max. 6000 digits, bar graph

Display Refresh Rates

5 times/s (Capacitance measurement: 0.05 to 5 times/s, depending on measured value, Frequency: 1 to 2 time/s)

Power Supply

LR03 alkaline batteries ×4, Continuous use: 130 hours (backlight OFF)


Test lead L9207-10 ×1, Holster ×1, Instruction manual ×1, LR03 alkaline battery ×4




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