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HD ELECTRIC Proof Tester Voltage Indicator (DVI Series)

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Proof tester for digital voltage indicators.

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HD ELECTRIC Proof Tester Voltage Indicator (DVI Series)

The PT-DVI Proof Tester Voltage Indicator Tester is for use on the DVI with any available probes. This tester generates a high voltage AC for testing the DVI. To use, turn on the DVI, hold the Tester in one hand and the DVI in the other. Apply the DVI probe to the metal end plate on the Tester. Press and hold the TEST button on the Tester. A properly operating DVI-500 will indicate a voltage of 0.2-0.5kV depending on how the DVI and Tester are held and a DVI-100 will indicate 1.5-4.5kV. For best results, hold both units with a tight grip and wrap your fingers around each unit.

  • High Voltage AC output to confirm proper operation of DVI family of Voltage Indicators
  • Powered by 9V lithium or alkaline battery

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2.6 × 1.3 in

Proof Tester


LED Light

Frequency Rating



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