POWERCOM Grip Liner for 3104-S, Aluminum


Aluminum grip liners for the Powercom IR 3104-S Self-Gripping Clamp.

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Product Specifications
Weight 2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 11 × 3 × 3 in


Conductor Range

100F 0.394-0.413 IN, 105F 0.413-0.472 IN, 120F 0.472-0.531 IN, 135F 0.531-0.591 IN, 150F 0.591-0.650 IN, 165F 0.650-0.709 IN, 180F 0.709-0.768 IN, 195F 0.768-0.827 IN, 210F 0.827-0.886 IN, 225F 0.886-0.945 IN, 240F 0.945-1.004 IN, 255F 1.004-1.063 IN, 270F 1.063-1.122 IN, 285F 1.122-1.181 IN, 300F 1.181-1.240 IN, 315F 1.240-1.299 IN, 330F 1.299-1.358 IN, 345F 1.358-1.417 IN, 360F 1.417-1.476 IN, 375F 1.476-1.535 IN, 390F 1.535-1.594 IN

More Product Information

Grip Liner for 3104-S, Aluminum

Suitable for aluminum, A.C.S.R., steel earthwire, anti-twisting rope and copper conductors. Grips are made of high tensile alloy steel, hot forged, heat-treated, precision machined and zinc-plated with a complete range of interchangeable liners. The liners are available in aluminum for aluminum or aluminum/steel conductors.

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