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FLUKE TPAK ToolPak Magnetic Meter Hanger

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The Fluke TPAK ToolPak™ Magnetic Meter Hanger allows you to hang your meter on nails, hooks, and pipes so you can take hands-free measurements. Always demand the best; use the original TPAK Meter hanging kit with its unique rare-earth magnet for superior gripping strength to ensure your tools don’t slide or fall.

Hanging options for any jobsite

Hang your meter in a variety of ways for convenient hands-free operation, solve any hanging and positioning problems you may face. Use the hook and loop strap to wrap around a pole or pipe and hang your meter. Use the magnet to throw your meter on a panel door while you work the test leads to take a measurement quickly and safely.

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FLUKE TPAK ToolPak Magnetic Meter Hanger

  • Strong, rare-earth magnet hanger strap with Fluke durability
  • Hang with magnet or hook strap for non-magnetic surfaces
  • Solves any hanging and positioning problem you may face
  • Easily work hands-free

Kit includes:

  • 9-inch hook and loop strap
  • Tapered hook and loop strap
  • Universal hanger clip
  • Hook hanger for non-magnetic surfaces
  • Strong magnet

Data Sheet

How to Use TPAK

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 1 in



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