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The Twistarp is a dirt sling used to hold the dirt removed from an auger to be used when backfilling around a newly installed pole. Also works well as a utility blanket keeping personnel and tools out of weeds, mud, and snow or for transporting leftover dirt, rock, sand, or wet cement.

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2 reviews for TWISTARP

  1. Jason Moffatt

    If you are looking for a solution when it comes to keeping a customers yard clean while digging or you need to carry extra dirt with you in the back of the digger. These tarps are the way to go!

  2. pariselec

    A lineman’s best friend for setting poles in places where leaving it clean is a priority. Saves so much time in cleanup and picks up just about anything that fits. The Twistarp specifically has one of the best capacity ratings and it has held up for close to ten years of use. Currently on our second 8×8 tarp, our utility won’t purchase anything but this one. Definitely recommend laying an outrigger pad or shovel down to smack dirt/mud off of tools. While durable and not prone to extra rips, the tarp can be cut by smacking shovel and snap-digger blades against it.

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Product Specifications
Weight N/A
Shipping Dimensions 24 × 10 × 10 in

6' x 6', 7' x 7', 8' x 8', 10' x 10'



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A wide flat lifting sling that is available in a variety of sizes and capacities to fit your needs. It was designed by a 35-year veteran Line Foreman who saw a need to reduce the risk of injury and lessen the difficulty of the work that is required to produce a satisfactory, clean job.

TWISTARP is an inexpensive tool that will lessen the physically demanding efforts of utility workers in the field, making their job easier, cleaner and faster. This means the worker can accomplish more in a given amount of time, saving the utility company money on a continuing basis.



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