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JOURNEYMAN GEAR The Key Biscuit, Cotter Pin Holder

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The Key Biscuit is the first tool of its kind designed to provide linemen with a simple solution to lost or dropped cotter pins. It’s Made from extreme duty lightweight material and will hang from an aluminum carabiner whether its in the bucket, on your climbing belt, hooked to a tool bag or even on your fly harness while your long lining from a helicopter. The Key Biscuit will save your day.

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Item_number: JGKB1293 Categories: ,


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JOURNEYMAN GEAR The Key Biscuit, Cotter Pin Holder

As linemen, we all know first hand that cotter keys play an important role in keeping the lines hot and holding. Just a simple single phase dead end pole can easily have 1/2 a dozen cotter keys holding it all together. Then lets say you're on a 3 phase double dead end pole, you are going to need 3x that to complete the task. Moving up to transmission structures and that number grows even more. We have all been in that situation where a key is missing from a pin we really need, or we have dropped the one we had in the bucket or on the ground in tall grass. Now the Key Biscuit is going has you covered!

Made from high strength plastic

Holds 19 cotter pins

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in

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