STEP AND TOUCH SNT Potential Monitor


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The Step and Touch (SNT) instrument monitors and alarms “Step and Touch” potential caused by ground potential rise. When used properly, the SNT can enhance the safety of transmission line crews.

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Available on backorder


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Product Specifications
Weight 22 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 7.5 × 15.6 × 19.75 in
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STEP AND TOUCH SNT Potential Monitor

Full Scale Voltage 50 Hz to 60 Hz 999 Vrms sine wave with < 5% Total Harmonic Distortion
Absolute Max Probe Voltage 5000 Vrms
Step Voltage Response 95% rise time < 1 second.
During probe check, step response may be up to 4.5 seconds.
Accuracy 1% typical for 500 V (3.5% from -30°C to +50°C)
Probe Impedance 20 MΩ
Voltages Displayed 10 to 999 Vrms
Standard Alarm Voltage Ranges (others can be programmed by the factory as an option) 0 to 100 — Green LEDs slow flash
101 to 499 — Yellow LEDs flash, beeps every second
500 plus — Red LEDs flash rapidly, beeps rapidly
Audio Alert 90 dB at 2 feet
Displays Voltage Display
3 digit voltage using bright seven segment displays
Threshold Warning
Three high intensity Green LEDs
Five high intensity Yellow LEDs
Eight high intensity Red LEDs
Check Probe & Battery Low
Blue LEDs
Probe Connection Check Performed every 60 seconds. Duration is 3.5 seconds, during which time the probe voltage is not sampled.
Battery Life 60 hours typical.
Low battery is indicated by LED, very low battery activates fault mode (flashing LEDs and audible alert).
Battery Type Ni-MH, 500 charge cycles typical
Ingress Protection Designed for IP64
Instrument Weight 907 grams (2 pounds)
Kit Weight 10K grams (22 pounds) includes instrument and case
Case Size (H × W × L) 19.1 cm × 39.6 cm × 50.2 cm (7.5 in × 15.6 in × 19.75 in)

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