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SPEED SYSTEMS Speed Strippers

Speed Strippers are designed to remove insulation from high voltage power cable.

The 1542-2AS Series Stripper is designed to strip insulation from power cable, as well as score the cable’s semi-conductive outer shield with precise accuracy. All features of the 1542-2CL Stripper and 1700 Semi-Con Scorer are combined into this tool.
The 1542-2CL Series Stripper is designed to remove PE, XLP, EPR, and other types of insulation from high voltage power cable.

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SPEED SYSTEMS Speed Strippers

Features (both)
  • Strips Cable insulation
  • Precise blade depth adjustment
  • Maximizes reliability of installation
  • Provides greater speed and increased safety
  • No bushings required
  • Includes 1646X Scale Gauge

Features (Combination Stripper Only)

  • Dual functions - strips cable insulation and scores semi-con
  • Adjustable semi-con scoring .001" to .090"
  • Combines features of 1542-2CL Speed Stripper and 1700 Semi-Con Scorer

1542-2CL Operating Video

1542-2AS Operating Video

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 4.5 × 4.5 in
Item Description

Combination Stripper, Speed Stripper, Wedge Blade, Straight Blade


Speed Systems


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