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SLINGCO Anti-Rotational Device (ARD)

TheSlingco Anti-Rotational Device prevents the cable from twisting as it travels over pulling blocks. Left uncontrolled, the optical cable’s delicate glass fibers could be permanently damaged during installation.

  • Stops cables from twisting as they pass over pulling blocks
  • For use with fiber optic and OPGW cable
  • Prevents irreparable damage to delicate fiber optics caused by cable twists during installation
  • The ARD has weighted attachments that hang down while stringing, keeping the ARD vertical to stop cable rotation
  • ARD attachments collapse in line, enabling them to travel easily over pulling blocks
  • The ARD includes one 5,000 lb swivel attached to the head of the device

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SLINGCO Anti-Rotational Device (ARD)

Features and benefits

  • Stops cables from twisting as they pass over pulling blocks
  • Suitable for fibre optic and OPGW cable
  • Prevents damage to delicate fibre optics from cable twists
  • Travel easily over pulling blocks

Additional information

Weight 89.5 lbs



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