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RAINBOW Multi-Purpose Lubricant

Five products in one. It is a moisture displacer, corrosion inhibitor, cleaner, penetrating oil, and lubricant spray. With a high dielectric strength, it is safe for use on all telecom and power equipment. It cleans, lubricates, and penetrates while displacing and sealing out moisture with a continuous film. This solvent based lubricant is safe for use on and around plastics. This general purpose lubricant protects equipment and tools from damage caused by water penetration, humidity, condensation, and corrosion. Unique viscosity allows the lubricant to cover more surface area and penetrate deep into surfaces of all metals, including steel, copper, brass, and aluminum alloys.

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RAINBOW Multi-Purpose Lubricant

Use Multi-Purpose Lubricant to displace moisture, inhibit corrosion, clean, and lubricate tools and equipment including:

  • Stainless Steel Pumps
  • Filters
  • Valves
  • Switch Gears
  • Rollers
  • O-Rings
  • Chains
  • Cables
  • Pulleys
  • Switches
  • Air Tools
  • Bearings
  • Sprockets

Dielectric Strength 37kV Safe for use on steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and plastic.
Five products in one – a moisture displacer, a corrosion inhibitor, a cleaner, a penetrating oil, and a lubricant.
Tested to Mil Spec – C-81309E – passed for corrosion preventive compounds, water displacing, and ultra thin film lubricants amendment II for type II grade with CO2 propellant.
Tested to portions of Telcordia TR-NWT-001231-Generic Requirements for moisture displacing lubricants.



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