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PELSUE Thermoplastic Axial Blower

The Pelsue Thermoplastic Axial Blower is built from a high-density polyethylene housing, which has a high resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures, and internal steel components. The Pelsue Axial Ventilator is specifically designed for confined space applications.

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PELSUE Thermoplastic Axial Blower

1325P Manual

1400P Manual

Ventilation Pocket Guide

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 15 in

Electric – 1/3 HP 120 VAC. 3 Amps, Electric – 1/4 HP 12 VDC. 15 Amps


1325P- CSA, CEESI, 1400P- CEESI

Free Air (Certified)

1325P- 1,004 cfm, 1400P- 814 cfm

with one 90° bend

1325P- 586 cfm, 1400P- 478 cfm

with two 90° bends

1325P- 555 cfm, 1400P- 479 cfm



Static Pressure

1325P- 2.10" W.C., 1400P- 1.20" W.C.




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