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3 Tools in 1

The Tri-Penta WrenchTM is an underground utility wrench that combines three everyday functions into one convenient tool.  The ¾” Penta Socket opens transformers and switch gears.  The addition of a high visibility patent-pending Speed SleeveTM helps linemen open those transformers and switch gears up to 2X faster than standard Penta sockets or wrenches.  It also comes with 2 other tools built into the handle – the integrated Lid Lifter lifts hand hole lids and the 3/8” Screwdriver is great for opening secondary or primary doors.

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Item_number: MATPW-1 Categories: , ,


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Tri-Penta Wrench Features

Main Uses:
  1. Screwdriver – 3/8” screwdriver for opening the primary door on 3 phase transformers
  2. Removable Penta Wrench – Designed for opening  all transformers & switch gears
  3. Hand Hole Lid Lifter – Built-in design for lifting hand hole lids
Additional Features:
  • Speed Sleeve™ – The green handle spins freely to open transformers & switch gears 2X faster
  • Life & Durability – Heat-treated alloy steel
  • Removable Penta Wrench – Designed for opening all transformers & switch gears



Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in

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