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KV-Gard Conductive Suit

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KV-Gard conductive suit is the most effective protection available for live-line linemen. Known industry-wide for safety, comfort, and durability, Euclid Vidaro’ s KV-Gard® is a soft Faraday cage that puts lineman at the same potential as the conductor. With clothing bonded to the conductor, linemen can work comfortably inside the electrical field at close range.

Euclid Vidaro’ s conductive fabric leads the industry with every phase of product development and production closely monitored by quality control staff. Each step of the way, production meets Euclid Vidaro’ s strict standards, from blending Nomex® with stainless steel, spinning it into yarn, weaving it into KV-Gard® fabric, and finally sewing the garments, to produce the finest conductive garments in the world.

When the suit is complete, multiple tests are performed to check for wrist cuff to wrist cuff conductivity and sleeve to ankle cuff conductivity. All data is recorded with each suit’s serial number, so Euclid Vidaro can monitor the garments continued quality and performance after years of washing and wearing.

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KV-Gard Conductive Suit

  • Jacket and Trousers come with the suit. Order gloves and socks separately
  • 6.5oz/yd² KV-Gard® Herringbone twill weave 75% Nomex® and 25% Stainless steel fibers
  • Double needle sewing on all major seams
  • Sewn with thread of Nomex®
  • Bar-tacked at stress points
  • Each KV-Gard® suit comes in a durable protective carrying case
  • All KV-Gard® garments are completely washable by hand or in automatic washer with a mild detergent

KV-Gard Brochure pdf

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 6 in


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