Kellems DUA-Pull Grips, Flexible Eye, 1.38-1.90 in (Aluminum)

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The need to feed electrical cable, bare conductor, wire rope, fiber and other materials through walls, ceilings, underground channels and other tight, blind enclosures is ubiquitous throughout industry in construction, power utility, factory service lines and many other applications. Pulling grips are the invaluable tools that help technicians meet these challenges, providing an efficient and reusable method for safely and efficiently moving cable through ducts, sheaves and other industrial spaces. Kellems pulling grips are constructed with high quality wire mesh which expands easily and encloses cables or bundles snugly, with a minimum diameter build-up, creating a smooth, slim profile that reduces the chance of snagging and allows for easy passage. Kellems pulling grips utilize engineered shoulder protectors to hold the cable securely, further ensuring smooth movement over line stringing blocks, conduit bends and other rough spots, and they protect the leading edge of the grip from abrasion in motion. They are highly engineered to ensure that there is no buildup of tension or strain at any point on the cable throughout the placement process. In addition, Kellems pulling grips are constructed with high quality, flexible, high strength galvanized steel strand for long duty life.

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Product Specifications
Weight 20 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 43 × 14 × 6 in


More Product Information

Kellems DUA-Pull Grips, Flexible Eye, 1.38-1.90 in (Aluminum)

Rope Diameter: 1.50″ – 2.10″
Approx. Break Strength: 66,500 lbs.
Eye Diameter Length: .750″ x 24″
Mesh Length: 89″
Color: Aluminum

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