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HUSKIE 100 Ton Double Acting Compression Head

The EP-100WD is a 100 Ton compression head for full tension, transmission, and substation connections and requires an external 10,000 psi, double-acting pumping source. The EP-100WD is even lighter than our previous model, the EP-100WC, by a full 18 pounds. The EP-100WD will accept shell-type dies currently used with Alcoa 100 ton heads. This double-acting compression head is designed to operate from Huskie Tools pump models R-14EAD, HPG-4, or any 3/4 HP high-pressure, double-acting pump with the proper oil capacity. Double-acting means hydraulically advancing the ram to build proper tonnage, then the hydraulic pressure is reversed to retract the ram. This will eliminate all possibilities of the connector hanging up or the tool jamming.

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HUSKIE 100 Ton Double Acting Compression Head

  • Designed for full-tension transmission & substation connections
  • Dobule-acting hydraulic cylinder for fast retraction and quicker cycle times
  • Lightest weight model in its class
  • Removable die cap for easy cable identification

Tool Facts

Additional information

Weight 78 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 9.5 × 9.5 in

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