HIOKI FT6380-50 kit – Wireless Clamp On Earth Tester

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The Hioki FT6380-50 KIT Digital Clamp On Earth Tester/Ground Resistance Tester Kit includes the FT6380-50, which measures grounding resistance simply by clamping to multiple-grounded ground wires. No auxiliary grounding rod is needed, and there is no need to disconnect the ground wire from the grounding rod.

The compact, low-profile sensor can be used to clamp ground wires with ease, while also providing AC current measurement functionality; it can measure currents ranging from leakage current on the order of several mA to load currents of up to 60 A. The FT6380-50 KIT also includes the Z3210 wireless adapter that enables the use of Gennect Cross, a complimentary app that allows users to check and manage measurement results and create reports.

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Product Specifications
Weight 2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 11 × 10 × 5 in

LCD, Max. 2,000 count Display refresh rate: Approx. 2 times/sec

Range Switching


Maximum Measurable Conductor Diameter


Power Supply

LR6 alkaline battery X 2

Continuous Operating Time

Approx. 40 hours (25 Ω measurement, backlight off, without Z3210 installed)
Approx. 35 hours (25 Ω measurement, backlight off, with Z3210 installed and using wireless communications)

Auto Power Save

Instrument automatically turns off approx. 5 min. after last key operation.

Operating Temperature and Humidity Range

-10°C (14°F) to 50°C (122°F), 80% RH or less (non-condensation)

Storage Temperature and Humidity Range

-20°C (-4°F) to 60°C (140°F), 80% RH or less (non-condensation, except for the battery)

Dust-proof and Waterproof

IP40 (EN60529) with jaws closed

Maximum Rated Terminal-to-Ground Voltage

600 VAC measurement category IV (anticipated transient overvoltage 8000 V)

Maximum input Current (Current Measurement)

100 A AC continuous, 200 A AC for 2 minutes (50 Hz/60 Hz)

Effects of Conductor Position (Current Measurement)

Within ±0.5% rdg (using the center of the sensor as the reference, in all positions)

Effect of External Magnetic Field (Current Measurement)

10 mA or less in an external magnetic field of 400 A/m at 50 Hz/60 Hz AC


Safety: EN61010, EN61557-1/-5/-13
EMC: EN61326


Approx. 73W × 218H × 43D mm (2.87″W × 8.58″H× 1.69″D)


Carrying case, Resistance check loop (1 Ω±2%, 25Ω±1%), Strap, LR6 alkaline battery × 2, Instruction



More Product Information

HIOKI FT6380-50 kit – Wireless Clamp On Earth Tester

Product Features:
  • Performs earth resistance measurement for multi-grounded systems
  • Wireless adapter allows transfer of measurements to smartphone or tablet
  • Connects to Gennect Cross app, allowing users to quickly create reports with site photos and drawings
  • Measures leak current with absolute certainty using highly sensitive 0.01 mA resolution (at 20.00 mA range)
  • Measures load current up to 60.0 A range
  • Clamps at the narrowest point with slim 0.79 in. (20mm) jaws
  • Magnetic shields eliminate leakage flux between two cores for high accuracy and repeatability
  • Large storage capacity for up to 2000 measurement values
  • LCD display with bright backlight allows users to easily read results
  • Alarm function audibly and visually notifies users when resistance or current value exceeds threshold
  • Core jaw diameter: 1.26 in. (32mm)

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