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HASTINGS Voltage Phasing Meter

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Hastings Digital voltage meter 0-40KV.

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HASTINGS Voltage Phasing Meter

  • Instrument for measuring overhead and underground voltages.
  • Two modes of operation AC and Hi-Pot.
  • 0-40KV meter up to 240KV with resistors.
  • Automatically adjust voltage display to match resistors if used.
  • Hi-Pot mode for testing URD Cable.
  • In Hi-Pot mode bar graph marks the peak voltage while cable is being charged.
  • Large easy to read digital meter and analog bar graph.
  • Digital meter reads to nearest 100 volts.
  • Meter has lighted background that can be turned on for use in poor light conditions.
  • Meter enclosure made of high quality rugged extruded aluminum.
  • Auto shutdown after 40 minutes if no voltage is detected.
  • Long battery life from three AA’s.
  • Auto self test and battery check during start up.
  • The coiled, self retracting cable is 16” retracted and 10’ when fully extended.
  • Units: Include volt meter, conductor hooks, carry case, batteries, and instructions.


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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 17 in



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