Condux 7/8″ Break-Away Swivels

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Essential for Fiber-Optic and coaxial cable pulling these swivels have a break load ranging from 150 – 1,800 lbs and are designed to separate at ±10% of their rated break load. If the Load Rating is exceeded the internal break pin fractures, the swivel separates and the cable remains undamaged. Break pins are easily replaceable.

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Product Specifications
Weight 5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 4.1 × .9 × .9 in
Break Load

150 lbs., 200 lbs., 250 lbs., 300 lbs., 350 lbs., 400 lbs., 450 lbs., 500 lbs., 550 lbs., 600 lbs., 650 lbs., 700 lbs., 750 lbs., 800 lbs., 850 lbs., 900 lbs., 1000 lbs., 1100 lbs., 1200 lbs., 1300 lbs., 1400 lbs., 1500 lbs., 1600 lbs., 1700 lbs., 1800 lbs.



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Condux 7/8″ Break-Away Swivels

Condux Product

A: 7/8″ B: .38 in C: 4.51 in D: 1.06 in E: .31 in F: .53 in

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