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BUGWRENCH Penta Socket Allen Wrench

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Penta Socket Allen Wrench model BW-251 is made for working on padmount transformers and secondary pedestals. A popular member of BugWrench tools, this wrench has a 2” working length of the Hex (Allen) of the BW-251 is just right for the transformer bars with covers. BugWrench wrenches are made of high strength and high dielectric polymer, the handles have Indicator Ribs for proper hand placement. These special combination tools allow a line worker to carry one tool that will install hundreds of different connectors.

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Item_number: RUBW-251 Categories: , , ,


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BUGWRENCH Penta Socket Allen Wrench

The handle features a permanently molded rib indicating the isolated area. Holding the wrench behind the rib provides a 1000 V rating between metal working end and the operator's hand.

The unique design and manufacturing process ensures maximum metal-to-metal separation with unmatched mechanical strength


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 2 in



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