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AB CHANCE TIE STICKS w/ Rotary Prong Head and Rotary Blade End, 8’2″

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Fiberglass (Epoxiglas) Tie Sticks are made with a variety of heads to meet every lineman’s particular preference. Rotary Prong Tie Sticks, most linemen find are speedy and easy to operate for handling looped ties. Two-Prong Tie Sticks are preferred by many linemen for handling hot ties with loops. Rotary Blade Tie Sticks have a swivel action that permits greater freedom of movement than the fixed-blade types.

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Item_number: ABH185525 Categories: , ,


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  • Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711
  • Made with variety of heads for versatile lineman needs
  • Rotary Prong Tie Sticks quickly and easily handle looped ties
  • Rotary Blade Tie Sticks swivel for greater freedom of movement than fixed-blade types


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Weight 9.8 lbs
Dimensions 98 × 4 × 4 in



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