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AB Chance Elbow Pullers facilitate removing elbow connectors from bushings of transformers and other apparatus. Elbows that have been installed for a long period of time sometimes are difficult to remove because silicone grease on the interface of the elbow and bushing dries out and hardens. A special integral hook on the tool heat fits through the rubber eye of an elbow or the metal hook of a bushing cap. Used in this manner, the hook adds extra control and pulling power to the grippers.

Design Features The lightweight tool employs a simple, slide-hammer mechanism to easily disengage and assist in replacing elbows. The tool and grippers help the operator control the elbow and stiff underground cable lead. For a sure, balanced grip the 5-pound slide hammer is plastisol coated and flared at both ends. Also for secure handling, both front and rear handgrip areas of the pole are coated with Griptread, a grit-filled rubber-base paint. Operation

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Item_number: ABC4031822 Categories: , ,



To pull an elbow connector: Insert hook through the eye on the elbow. Close down grippers on the elbow by rotating pole. Support tool with one hand on a front grip behind the handguard and another hand on slide hammer. Slam hammer from front to the rear anvil. The resulting impact should release elbow with sufficient momentum to withdraw it from the bushing without extended arcing. To replace an elbow connector: Follow the same procedures for pulling except use slide hammer impact against the front anvil to help seat the elbow.

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Weight 13.72 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 6 × 6 in



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