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CHANCE Class 3 Insulator Cover, 9″ Tall with Grip-all Adapter

CHANCE® Class 3 Insulator Cover, 9in. Tall with Grip-all Adapter. For all types of high-voltage line maintenance. Most pieces can be installed with rubber gloves or hot stick application eyes.  These covers provide a highly versatile system of covering up a wide variety of configurations on distribution systems. The conductor covers mate with insulator covers to cover pin-type or post-type insulator construction and also can be used with the deadend cover

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CHANCE Class 3 Insulator Cover, 9" Tall with Grip-all Adapter

  • Designed and tested to ASTM F712 Class 3
  • Protects workers from accidental brush contact with energized components during line maintenance
  • Made from bright orange polyethylene
  • Maximum use voltage of 26.4kV covered-phase-to-covered-phase
  • Includes a grip-all adapter for installation with a grip-all clampstick
  • Dimensions of 21in. long, 8.5in. wide and 6in. tall
  • 100% electrically tested, visually inspected and date stamped



Additional information

Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 9 × 9 in



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