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BIERER METERS Digital Voltage Detector

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The VD1000P is direct contact, capacitive type voltage detector for use on voltages from proximity to 99.9kV on distributions circuits and 999kV on Transmission conductors. The VD1000 indicates Line-to-Ground values.

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Item_number: BEVD1000P Categories: , ,


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BIERER METERS Digital Voltage Detector

Each unit has a five position switch for the following functions:

OFF    Use this position for Storage and Transit

P     Non-Contact, Sensing Presence of Voltage from the Ground

URD    Direct Contact, Underground Primary (01.0 - 99.9)

OH     Direct Contact, Overhead Lines (01.0 – 99.9)

OHT    Direct Contact, Substation & Transmission Lines (001 – 999)

This unit incorporates a self-test feature each time the selector switch is turned to another position displaying the battery voltage. A reading less than 07.0 indicates low battery.


  • 1kV – 999kV digital voltage detector with proximity test
  • Hook probe
  • Straight probe
  • Universal/grip-all adapter
  • Manual
  • Case



Additional information

Weight 9.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 8 in



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