Beat the Summer Sizzle

The summer heat has arrived, and Tallman Equipment is here to help linemen keep cool on the job. In addition to our usual selection of all the tools and gear linemen need, we have some special offerings to help you get through the season in comfort.

Keep your drinks cold and stay hydrated with the RTIC 30oz Tumbler.

Summer often means bugs and Rainbow Jungle Formula Insect Repellent is the perfect solution to keep them away. It’s available both as an aerosol spray and in boxes of 50 wipes for easy application.

Bring a cool breeze with you with a Hard Hat Cooling Fan from Klein Tools.

Add some extra cooling power with a Chill-Its Evaporative Cooling Bandana.

When you get the chance to relax, check out this sweet BBQ/Grilling Tool Set from Klein Tools.

And check out our recent blog on “Are You Making These 5 Heat Related Illness Mistakes?” with some more insights on beating the heat (and some wisdom from your mom).

For all the best tools, equipment, and ways to conquer the summer sizzle, trust Tallman to help you get the job done.

Geoffrey Kruger

Geoffrey Kruger


Born in Washington and raised in Colorado, Geoffrey is a graduate of Calvin University. He is an ardent supporter of the Oxford Comma and smoked meats. He lives in Indiana with his wife and daughter.

All the best tools & Equipment Linemen need every day

At Tallman Equipment, our priority is to set the standard in the electrical transmission and distribution industry with an all-inclusive approach to serving our customers. We carry the best lineman tools and equipment from many of the top manufacturers in the business today. Our vision to deliver a trio of quality, convenience, and reliability is driven by listening and adapting to our customers’ needs. We work with our clients to ensure they find the right lineman tools and equipment for the job. For more information on any of the products we sell, give us a call today at 877-860-5666.

We’re more than just tool Sales

Check Out Our Unique Combination of Services

Tool & Equipment Rental

When new equipment purchases aren’t an option, Tallman Equipment’s tool rental department is here to meet your shorter-term needs! We house a large inventory of the most commonly used equipment for the construction and maintenance of electrical transmission and distribution systems.

Tool & Equipment Repair

We consider no tool to be outside the experience and training of our technicians. Some examples of commonly repaired tools include hydraulic, pneumatic, gas, and battery-powered equipment, stringing blocks, dynamometers, chain hoists, strap hoists, capstan hoists, and rope products.

Grounds & Jumpers
Manufacturing, repair and refurbishment 

Tallman Equipment has a full-service assembly department skilled in building and repairing custom grounds and jumpers. We can build customized grounds and jumpers to your specifications as quickly as a day. Our testing process meets ASTM standards

Transformer Sling

Manufaturing & Rope Repair

Tallman leads the industry in developing and manufacturing transformer slings. Whatever your need may be, our trained and certified Master Splicer can build custom rope assemblies for unique applications, along with winch lines for buckets, diggers, bumper winches, and high strength tow ropes.


Testing, Repair & Refinishing

Tallman offers complete repair and reconditioning of your fiberglass tools compliant with OSHA and ASTM standards. Our technicians can tackle all brands of hot sticks, conductor and support gins, ladders, extension arms, shotgun sticks, fixed sticks, and much more.

Rubber Goods
Cleaning & Testing 

Tallman is now offering rubber goods testing and cleaning of linemen’s rubber gloves, blankets, sleeves, hoods, line hose, and hardcover. All testing and procedures conform to ASTM standards and involve thorough washing, visual inspection, dielectric testing, and date stamping.