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50 Must-Haves for Linemen Going on Storm

What You Need When The Storm Hits The Fan

A storm’s a-comin’, and it’s not a matter of if, but when. Hurricane season officially kicks off on June 1 and lasts through November 30. That’s six long months of potential disaster to the power grid. And you know who they call to respond when trees topple and powerlines go down. 

According to the folks at Colorado State University, this season has a few whoppers in store for all of us. They’re predicting an “above-average” hurricane season with a possibility of 25% more named storms than usual.

In 2019, Hurricane Dorian took aim at Florida. Linemen from 34 states and even Canada were sent there to prepare for widespread and long-lasting outages. Things can go from the day-to-day routine to Cat 5 hurricane quickly, which means you need to be ready to go when you get the call. 

Linemen know that just like the Boy Scouts say, the key is to be prepared, and one of the best tools for preparedness is a go-bag ready with the essentials when duty calls. You probably already have one for your tools, but it’s time to think about those other essentials for when you’re working in sideways rain, knee-deep swamp water, and pestered by bugs and critters that are a little unfamiliar. 

So, here’s your packing list of personal things every lineman should have on hand or quickly buy. Be sure to print this out and check these off. You are ready to face the storm.


Pack enough for two weeks. And be sure to roll, not fold your clothes. You’re not going on a Caribbean cruise with a pair of trunks and flip-flops. You’ll need every inch of space in your backpack, suitcase, or duffle bag.

▢ Foul weather, flame-resistant (FR) jacket, like these from Tingley and NASCO.

▢ FR pants and shirts

▢ Work boots

▢ Fleece, sweatshirts, gloves, etc., depending on the season or environment

▢ T-shirts

▢ Underwear

▢ Tough work socks with a reliable wicking blend of material

▢ Shorts

▢ Shoes, casual or running shoes

▢ Flip flops or water shoes

▢ Poncho or lightweight rain gear when not working


Food & Snacks

Take nonperishables along for the ride. You’ll want canned and packaged goods that can withstand the heat, humidity, and overall difficulty of the situation. Of course, this is just a list of suggestions. Follow your tastebuds.

▢ Canned goods, like tuna, chicken, etc.

▢ Protein and/or granola bars

▢ Summer sausage

▢ Cheese, crackers

▢ Trail mix

▢ Jerky

▢ Hydrating drinks in powder form, like Working Athlete

▢ Peanut butter

▢ Water, water, water


Keepin’ it Clean

We know it’s not the Army, but ordering yourself to maintain personal hygiene is a good idea when you’re in challenging, dirty situations. You’ll feel better, not to mention smell better when you take care of your mouth, butt, and feet.

▢ Prescriptions and medicine

▢ Toothbrush and paste

▢ Razor and shaving gel or use body wash to save packing space

▢ Deodorant

▢ Body wash that can be used as shampoo and soap

▢ Towel and washcloth or loofah if that’s your thing

▢ Sunscreen

▢ Lotion for dry or irritated skin

▢ Medicated body powder because it can get muggy

▢ Mouthwash

▢ Q-tips



From bug spray to cash and batteries, you’ll want a few things on hand to make life easier. And don’t forget, we live in modern times, which means you’ll need all eight of your chargers because nothing is compatible.

▢ Wallet, cash, etc.

▢ Glasses and sunglasses

▢ Contacts and contact solution

▢ Bug spray, insect repellent

▢ Sleeping bag

▢ Air mattress

▢ Small, portable hammock

▢ Small pillow and packable blanket

▢ Chargers for car and hotel if electricity is available

▢ Durable flashlight, like any of these, plus extra batteries

▢ Headlamp, like any of these, with extra batteries

▢ Solar charger

▢ Tent if needed

▢ Laundry bag

▢ Change, like quarters for vending and laundry machines

First aid kit

▢ Ear Plugs

▢ Dry bag to haul items around in

For The Best Tools For Linemen, Trust Tallman

Whether you’re staring down a nasty storm in your hometown or you’ve answered the call in a distant location, it’s always best to be prepared. From hygiene to comfort and personal safety, you want your things at your side, not on the kitchen counter where you left them three states away.

Be sure to use the Tallman Storm Prep Packing List next time. And for your built-to-last items, like flashlights and foul weather gear, you can count on Tallman. As an employee-owned company, we understand what it takes to take care of each other.

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