How Renting from Tallman Equipment Can Help You

Why are you here? Not in an existential sense of course but in a practical immediate sense, you’re here because you’re thinking about renting utility tools and equipment from Tallman Equipment. Maybe you were just awarded the contract for a new transmission line construction project (congrats!), and you need dozens of helicopter blocks, some traveling grounds, and dynos. Or maybe your hydraulic pump is out of commission (our repair department can help with that!), and you need a temporary replacement to get you by. Perhaps you have a one off job that requires a 60 or 100 ton press or some 15 ton crimpers or ACSR cable cutters, and you don’t want to buy the tools outright.

These are all great reasons to explore renting with Tallman Equipment. Whatever your reason, Tallman Equipment Rental is ready to outfit your crew with everything you need to get the job done.

Why Rent from Tallman?

The reasons to rent are endless. It is cheaper on the front end to rent and return tools than it is to buy them. It is cheaper on the back end to not have to warehouse bulky equipment. Maintenance and repair costs don’t fall on you. It’s all pretty straightforward.

The real question is: why rent from Tallman?

Answer: Because Tallman Equipment has over 70 years of experience serving the utility industry, because we have the most knowledgeable team with the best tools and equipment, and because our commitment is to always do the right thing. From the beginning, the mission of Tallman Equipment has been about serving linemen. We recognize the critical nature of utility work, and our goal is not to provide a lineman with a tool but the right tool to get the job done.

Find the Right Tool

We keep an extensive inventory of the most commonly used tools and equipment in the construction of transmission and distribution systems. Our rental offerings include:

  • Stringing Blocks & Attachments
  • Ground & Jumper Sets
  • Battery Powered Cutters & Compression Tools
  • Fiberglass Hot Arms
  • Cover-Up
  • Hoists
  • Grips
  • Compression Dies
  • Dynamometers
  • Pole Boss Systems
  • Tamps
  • Pole Pullers
  • Sagging Equipment
  • …and more (If you don’t see what you need, contact us.)

Whatever your project, our team can help. We have years of experience equipping crews for all kinds of utility construction projects, and we are prepared to help you with your next job. Maybe you have a checklist of everything you need. If so, give us a call, and we will help you start checking things off your list. Or you can rely on our tool experts to help you find the right tools to accomplish whatever the job requires. With their wide knowledge of the industry, our people often have useful insight into the best options to help get your job done.

Keep It Simple

You know that feeling when you accomplish a task you have been dreading and can finally cross it off your to-do list? The mental relief does wonders, and that is how you should feel when renting from Tallman.

The rental process itself is simple. Supply us with some basic information so we can get you set up in our system, and we can get started on a formal quote. To keep things as simple as possible, we include our EPP (Equipment Protection Plan) on every quote. This insures the rental items against any damage, and ensures you don’t have to pay unexpected charges when returning equipment. We don’t do hidden fees. So you should never be surprised with additional unexpected charges. The price you see is the price you pay.

Once everything is agreed upon, you can either arrange for your own pick-up: we rent equipment out of our Columbus, IN and Lake City, FL locations. Or leave the transportation to us, and we can have the equipment delivered to you. When you’re done, bring the equipment back. Or contact us, and we can arrange return shipping as well.

If you decide you love a tool and don’t want to return it, you can always buy it from us at a pro-rated price.

That’s all it takes for you to cross another item off your to-do list and move on to other things. Let Tallman worry about the cleaning, repairs, and storage.

Trust the Tools

Speaking of cleaning, repairs, and storage. Here at Tallman, our technicians pride themselves on their ability to return tools and equipment to as close to like new condition as humanly possible. Every item that returns from rental service is taken through a thorough cleaning and inspection. Grounds and jumpers are cleaned and put through dielectric testing. Stringing blocks are cleaned and the bearings repacked with grease. Battery and hydraulic tools are cleaned and function tested. Fiberglass and rubber goods are all carefully cleaned, inspected, and dielectric tested. In short, we make sure everything is functioning perfectly before returning it to our rental inventory to be available for your next project.

Ready to Rent?

If you’re still thinking about renting from Tallman, you can check out our rental catalog for a more in depth look at what we offer or you can call us to see what your options are. We are always trying to add to our rental inventory to make sure we can meet the ever changing needs of linemen.

If you’re ready to get started, you can give our team a call at (877) 860-5666, email us at, or fill out our Rental Inquiry Form. If you’re near our Columbus, IN location, stop in and check us out in person. We would be happy to show you the latest and greatest in tools and equipment for the utility industry.

Trust Tallman Equipment

The pride of Tallman Equipment is our commitment to always do the right thing. That is how we built our reputation as the industry leader in equipping the electrical transmission and distribution industry with the tools and equipment they need to keep the lights on. Our customers know that they can trust Tallman to provide the best in quality, service, and reliability. That’s why they keep coming back to us.



Geoffrey Kruger

Geoffrey Kruger


Born in Washington and raised in Colorado, Geoffrey is a graduate of Calvin University. He is an ardent supporter of the Oxford Comma and smoked meats. He lives in Indiana with his wife and daughter.

All the best tools & Equipment Linemen need every day

At Tallman Equipment, our priority is to set the standard in the electrical transmission and distribution industry with an all-inclusive approach to serving our customers. We carry the best lineman tools and equipment from many of the top manufacturers in the business today. Our vision to deliver a trio of quality, convenience, and reliability is driven by listening and adapting to our customers’ needs. We work with our clients to ensure they find the right lineman tools and equipment for the job. For more information on any of the products we sell, give us a call today at 877-860-5666.

We’re more than just tool Sales

Check Out Our Unique Combination of Services

Tool & Equipment Rental

When new equipment purchases aren’t an option, Tallman Equipment’s tool rental department is here to meet your shorter-term needs! We house a large inventory of the most commonly used equipment for the construction and maintenance of electrical transmission and distribution systems.

Tool & Equipment Repair

We consider no tool to be outside the experience and training of our technicians. Some examples of commonly repaired tools include hydraulic, pneumatic, gas, and battery-powered equipment, stringing blocks, dynamometers, chain hoists, strap hoists, capstan hoists, and rope products.

Grounds & Jumpers
Manufacturing, repair and refurbishment 

Tallman Equipment has a full-service assembly department skilled in building and repairing custom grounds and jumpers. We can build customized grounds and jumpers to your specifications as quickly as a day. Our testing process meets ASTM standards

Transformer Sling

Manufaturing & Rope Repair

Tallman leads the industry in developing and manufacturing transformer slings. Whatever your need may be, our trained and certified Master Splicer can build custom rope assemblies for unique applications, along with winch lines for buckets, diggers, bumper winches, and high strength tow ropes.


Testing, Repair & Refinishing

Tallman offers complete repair and reconditioning of your fiberglass tools compliant with OSHA and ASTM standards. Our technicians can tackle all brands of hot sticks, conductor and support gins, ladders, extension arms, shotgun sticks, fixed sticks, and much more.

Rubber Goods
Cleaning & Testing 

Tallman is now offering rubber goods testing and cleaning of linemen’s rubber gloves, blankets, sleeves, hoods, line hose, and hardcover. All testing and procedures conform to ASTM standards and involve thorough washing, visual inspection, dielectric testing, and date stamping.