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Since it’s founding in 1995, DDIN has partnered with Tallman Equipment to provide some of the best tools on the market today. All DDIN tools and equipment are manufactured to the highest qualitycontrol standards and can withstand everyday use. Tallman Equipment is proud to carry the complete line of DDIN tools and equipment, including stringing blocks, traveling grounds, transformer slings, rigging devices, and many other items linemen have come to rely on. DDIN manufactures all products in the United States, using domestically sourced materials whenever possible. For more information on any of the DDIN tools we carry, check out our online shop any time or call us between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at 877-860-5666. 

New From DDIN

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DDIN Stringing Blocks Accessories

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DDIN Specialty Blocks

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DDIN Transformer Slings

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Pole Setting

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Impact Adapters

Pre-Splice Cutters

Universal Disconnect Hook

Universal Shotgun Adapter

Teflon-Coated Impact Bits

DDIN Impact Adapters


DDIN Impact Adapters


universal disconnect head


universal shotgun adapter


DDIN Pole Bit


Sagging Equipment

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Rigging & Lifting

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Grounding Accessories

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Blanket & Bucket Accessories

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