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When you bite into an ice-cold, delicious, and refreshing Frost Bite, you won’t be sacrificing your recovery or health. 

With three times the amount of rejuvenating electrolytes, half the sugar, and a kick of powerful vitamins and trace minerals the competitors don’t even include, Frost Bites set the bar as the best tasting and most effective tool for lowering core body temperature. 

Even better, WORKING ATHLETE Frost Bites are densely packed with explosive flavor and effective nutrients in a popsicle more compact than competitors – taking up less room in the ice chest and less time to revitalize your system. Electrolyte popsicles aren’t new to the American workforce, the unmatched flavor and power of Frost Bites are.

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• Refreshing & Delicious
• Lowers Core Body Temperature

• Lower Sugar & All Natural

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Weight .93 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in

Working Athlete


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