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SPX HYDRAULIC TECHNOLOGIES Remote Hydraulic Cutting Head

The 6-HCR Series Remote Hydraulic Cutting Head is lightweight and compact, making it the perfect cutter for applications up to 3/4″ (19.1 mm) diameter. The 13-HCR Series Remote Hydraulic Cutting Tool is designed for expanded cutting capabilities up to 2″ (50.8 mm) diameter. The insert type cutter blades, top stationary blade, and bottom advance blade can easily be replaced in the field with only a 1/4″ (6.4 mm) blade screwdriver.

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SPX HYDRAULIC TECHNOLOGIES Remote Hydraulic Cutting Head

Operating Instructions

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 14.9 × 6.88 × 4.12 in
Cutting Force

13.8 tons

Operating Pressure

10,000 psi

Blade Opening

2.09 in

Soft Copper Bar

1 1/4 in

Soft Aluminum Bar

1 1/4 in

Soft Steel Bolts

7/8 in

Reinforcing Bar

3/4 in

Bare Stranded Copper/Aluminum Wire

2 in


2 in

Cable Stranded Galvanized Steel Wire

3/4 in

Underground Power Cable

2 in

Wire Rope

1 in

Total Weight

16 lbs

Ship Weight

20 lbs


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