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Skookum Utili-Sleeve Full Sided Rigging Blocks, 6 IN

Only the Skookum R Series Full-Sided Rigging Blocks offer both wide throat and Utili-Sheave. A wide throat makes it much easier to pull a variety of line, connecting links, or oversized line conditions. Wide manganese steel Utili-Sheaves work harder and last longer. These blocks are the choice of operators for heavy-duty work. Built with no superfluous weight but a big reserve of strength and ruggedness. Equipped with long life Timken Bearings. Yokes and yoke pins are forged and heat-treated alloy steel. The block sides are the frame of the block–the unique shape fenders the rim of the sheave providing maximum protection from line jamming while minimizing weight which is both critical to performance.

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  • Multi-use wide throat and Utili-Sheave for passing a variety of line, connecting links and terminations
  • Work hardening manganese steel sheaves maximize wire rope and sheave life
  • R-6, R-8 & R-10 equipped with tapered roller bearings for long life in higher line speed applications
  • R-4 feature straight roller bearings to minimize size
  • Recessed sheave prevents wire rope from binding between sheave and block side
  • Full sided block maximizes sheave protection and strength
  • Versatile draw pin design allows for rapid reeving and exchange of attaching style
  • Rugged cast alloy steel sides for demanding environments
  • ASTM B30.26 Compliant

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Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 7 in




Line Size

3/8" – 1/2"


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