SALISBURY Line Hose, 54″ x 1.5″ Connector

Straight Style SALCOR line hose is available in orange Type II SALCOR®. SALCOR remains flexible even in cold weather and it is not damaged by ozone or ultraviolet rays. Each line hose has Salisbury’s RIB-GRIP Locking System.

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Product Specifications
Weight 7 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 57 × 4 × 4 in


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SALISBURY Line Hose, 54″ x 1.5″ Connector

Class III


Features & Benefits:

RIB GRIP® construction takes advantage of rubber’s natural tendency to grip and tighten its grip through compression. By creating curving rib configurations slit at a specific angle, two pieces easily slip together but resist coming apart. To quickly disengage the lineman needs only to compress the rubber on either side.

The tightest grip in the industry. The self-locking lip, Salisbury patented, prevents hose from coming off the conductor after an installation is complete. Often, as a lineman is working on an installation and making adjustments, the angle of connection shifts, causing hose and covers to separate. To prevent this, Salisbury developed an ingenious solution for ensuring that any two protective devices would hold together yet still be easy for a lineman to assemble and take apart.
All Line Hose complies with current ASTM D1050 specifications.


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