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DILLON EDXtreme RED Dynamometer, Radio-Ready, 2500 lbs

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The EDXtreme exemplifies the trademark precision and rugged construction of Dillon dynamometers. Its highly refined design draws on the inherent strengths of premium-grade materials to achieve a 5:1 minimum factor of safety.*

While the EDXtreme may be configured for something as simple as a digital hanging scale, it offers a higher level of intelligence. With user-defined functions and sophisticated communication options, the EDXtreme readily adapts to multi-tasking operations or multi-link systems capable of monitoring a series of critical stress points from a single location. It is the definition of application versatility.

Building a precision instrument that can survive real-world punishment requires masterful engineering. This is where Dillon’s experience shines through. The engineers assigned to the EDXtreme drew on a depth of industrial application knowledge and conducted exhaustive materials testing to achieve the highest structural integrity.

One of the foremost reasons for choosing an electronic dynamometer is added functionality. The radio or hardwired options available with the EDXtreme offer the convenience and safety of remote operation. Additionally, data from the dynamometer(s) can be downloaded to a PC via an RS-232 connection for compilation and analysis or to generate hard-copy printouts.

The optional Communicator is an extremely powerful hand-held remote that can define the function and manage the operation of one or more EDXtreme dynamometers using wired or radio technologies. Through the programmable SOFTKEY interface, one or more Communicators can monitor multiple dynamometers within the same airspace. In multiple-link lifting arrays, the Communicator can display readings at any or all lift points and calculate the total load.

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Item_number: DLAWT05-506302 Categories: , , Tags: ,

DILLON EDXtreme RED Dynamometer, Radio-Ready

  • Radio-equipped Communicator II, sold separately
  • Ships with two shackles
  • Sturdy aircraft-quality alloy steel
  • High-resolution dot-matrix LCD display
  • Injection-molded, thick Lexan display panel
  • Softkey interface
  • NEMA 4X / IP 55
  • The easy-access battery compartment




Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 6 in
Capacity X Resolution:

2,500 lbf x 2/0.5




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