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AB Chance Telescoping Grip-All Sticks, 5’7″-8′

The most versatile tool in a lineworker’s hands, the AB Chance Telescoping Grip-All stick puts an easy-to-control “finger” on an insulated pole. Although primarily designed for installing hot-line and grounding clamps, it serves both overhead and underground circuits with various end fittings.

Commonly called a “shotgun,” the operating mechanism incorporates a sliding handgrip that opens the hook to grasp a clamp eye-screw and retract it into the tool head. A thumb latch then must be depressed to release the locked hand grip so it can open the hook. While the tool head is of Lexan® for close-quarter operations, the worker must maintain recommended working distance solely on the Epoxiglas® pole section of the handle as the hook and its actuator are metal parts.

Easy to care for, Grip-All sticks do not require field stripping to clean. All insulated parts including the operating rod are outside the main pole, readily accessible to wipe dry. CAUTION: Do not clean the plastic head with solvent.

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AB Chance Telescoping Grip-All Sticks, 5'7"-8'

Tool can lock at 5'6 3/4", 6'9 1/2", and 8'

  • Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711
  • Design features rotating coupler and an engineered positive-lock button with safety stop to keep sections from parting or hook releasing while in use
  • Mechanism locks sections into a solid, rattle-free tool
  • Black head makes it obvious head is not included in minimum approach distance
  • Can replace several conventional clampsticks
  • Allows linemen to adhere to safe-working distances and positioning needs, with fewer sticks
  • Reduces the number of clampsticks required on a line truck, saving limited storage space
  • Engineered interface between sections ensure tool retracts with full control
  • Close fit helps keep out dirt and moisture
  • Top section is made with foam-center Epoxiglas™ insulated pole
  • Functions of this telescoping style are identical to fixed-length style
  • All controls can be easily accessed while wearing gloves
  • Easy to disassemble, stick must be kept clean and dry inside to ensure long life


Sales Drawings


Telescoping Gripall (SAC403-1035)


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 63 × 4 × 4 in



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