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A lineman must be able to safely assure himself prior to cutting into an installed electric power cable that he is not cutting into an energised cable.
Responsible electric power system operation and maintenance procedures stipulate that, prior to cutting a buried underground electrical cable, the cable shall be spiked to ensure it is de-energised.

SPIKE is designed to meet this need. It is a safety device.

The unique benefits provided by SPIKE are:

SPIKE provides positive assurance that the lineman will not cut an energised cable
SPIKE is operated remotely thereby removing the lineman from danger if a live cable is spiked
SPIKE can be used on thermoplastic or thermosetting insulation as well as oil impregnated paper insulation
SPIKE can be used on aluminum and lead sheathed cable and interlock armored cables
SPIKE will accept single conductor cables ranging in diameter from 3/4" OD to 2-3/4" OD at all voltages
SPIKE is designed to ensure the spike pierces the cable directly through it's centre core
SPIKE creates minimal cable damage
SPIKE is not cumbersome to use in the field. It weighs only 7 lbs.
SPIKE is fast and easy to operate

Why SPIKE a Cable?

SPIKE is a safety tool designed for the sole purpose of providing a lineman with positive assurance that the cable is safe to cut.